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Pro BodySlim, composed of soy peptides, is a well-balanced blend of essential amino acids that aids in weight management. Our product is highly nutritious and can be rapidly absorbed with low energy consumption. Pro BodySlim is an excellent source of dietary peptides with multiple beneficial effects on health.

  • Helps lower cholesterol1,2.
  • Modulates the immune system3.
  • Works as an alternative diet for weight loss.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • 100% vegetable, non-GMO, and allergen-free.
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Supplement Information
Ingredient Amounts
Serving Size: 5 g
Serving Per Container: 30
NameAmount Per Serving% Daily Value
Total Fat0 g0%
Saturated Fat0 g0%
Trans Fat0 g0%
Cholesterol0 mg
Carbohydrates0.1 g0.03%
Fiber0 g0%
Sugar0 g
Protein4.5 g
Sodium46 mg1.9%
Potassium23 mg0.5%
Calcium10 mg0.8%
Iron0.3 mg1.7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
‡ Daily value not established.
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  1. Wong WW., et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 1998;68:1385S-1389S.
  2. Health Canada. Summary of Health Canada’s Assessment of a Health Claim about Soy Protein and Cholesterol Lowering.
  3. Ryan-Birchers TA., et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006;83:1118-1125.
Store in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness.
Aids in weight management.
Facilitates weight management
Modules the immune system
Promotes cardiovascular health
Highly absorbable
Mix and dissolve 5 g of the powder into any liquid. Enjoy with your favorite drink or food.